help please girlies!!

we want something different but me and hubby cant agree on anything, think we will just have a poll on here and u can choose for us!! these are ones we both like.

boys: asher, ashton or Nyren (Gascoigne) middle name will be John

Girls: Lexi, Erin or Darcie (Gascoigne) No middle name

so let me know and i will mark them up on here and see what comes out on top. pick one of each please as we dont know what we are having yet! thanks ladies!!
also already have a little girl called brooke... if there is anything else u wanna know to help u make up ur mind let me know!!!

Asher :

Ashton: I

Nyren: I

Lexi: II

Erin: I


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  • Really sorry but I don't like ne ov the boys names hun. Thumbs up for Lexi tho, you guna find out the sex? x x x
  • i want to! still trying to pursuade rob though!!
  • Asher :


    Nyren: Like this one for either sex.


    Erin: Like this one. It is what we will be having if we have a girl. Middle name will be kathleen after my nan who died 5 months ago. If she hadn't of passed away middle name would have been May/mae

    Darcie: Like this one aswell for a boy

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X

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  • I pick Ashton for a boy as thats what my son is called and really like Lexi for a girl. xxxx
  • I like Ashton and Lexi!

  • Ashton and Erin
  • ashton and erin i like irish names
  • Like Ashton for a boy and Lexi or Darcie for girls. Good luck in choosing x
  • i like ashton for a boy and lexi for a girl.
    good luck
  • ashton

    darcie - lluuurrrrvvveee that name
  • Not so sold on the boys names-quite like Asher think that goes well with your surname.
    LOVE Lexi and Darcie-both are different and sound really graceful-don't know why maybe the Darcie Bussell connection!
    Have to go for Lexi at a push!!
  • thanks for the response guys!!! a close competition!! xx
  • I like Ashton for a boy but can't decide which I prefer between Darcie and Lexi!

    Think am swaying towards Lexi though coz that was the name of the really nice character in Monarch of the Glenn but Darcie does remind me of the ballerina!
  • i like all of your choices for boys names, particularly Asher...
    And prefer Darcie for girl x
  • Nyren and Darcie. Its a close call for the girls names tho as I love Erin too. xx
  • Ashton and Erin for me.
  • Ashton for a boy and Darcie for a girl ( thats the name I picked but never had a daughter, spelt Darcey tho)

    All those girls names are lovely though - its a toughie

    Dont like Asher - it reminds me of Asher D!

    Are you swaying towards any or are you really stuck? xx

    xx xx
  • `my son is called Asher and I love his name (oh chose it and didn't tell me till he was born!!) Everyone loves it and it really suits him. It means happy which is all good! I love Darcie for a girl

    Good luck!
  • lol i like asher and darcie
    rob like nyren and erin

    ashton is one i dreamt then got asher out of it and prefered asher.
    lexi i really like but robs brother is called alexis so he says its too simillar and he dosnt get on with his brother..
    at the mo ashton and lexi are out on top. typical!!
  • Ashton & Lexi
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