Is this the next stage?

Ive always been wary of given lo finger food due to choking experience in the past on an adult.

Anyhow, I have given her food like sandwiches when hubby there and she at first tried putting it towards her mouth but played with it. Now I give her sandwich and she will take first bite and squidge then remainder in her hands. If I offer her the sandwich she will take a bite from it. Am I expecting to much of her, or is the next stage her not squidging, but eating?

Also how much bread should i expecting to have as a meal. Not sure with sandwich when a lo has had enough or if i should try and give her some mashed food as well.

Sorry, another question..., for cheese cube how big a cube do you give and do you find your lo tends to suck on ti or bite them. My lo likes putting large amount in her mouth lol. Which is why i tend not to do soldiers but square sandwiches

She is really good at eating lumpy food in meals. Just trying to not worry and finger foods more established.

Thanks in advacne for replies xxx


  • Hiya hun. Riley had finger foods, and at first he always explores it by squishing it etc. But then one day he took a bite and moved it around his mouth before spitting it out. The next time he swallowed it. I am scared of choking as well, petrified in fact! But I think you have to trust them. If they are sat upright they should be able to clear any food themselves as they have a strong gag reflex.

    Have you thought of toasting the bread for a sandwich? This means it doesnt stick to the roof of the mouth as much, which I find reassures me a bit when Riley has bread. Riley gets his soldiers and screws them into a ball before stuffing the lot in, so I watch him like a hawk. With cheese, I do a thick stick that he can hold but won't crumble too easily. He then sucks on it and bits come off. The larger bits come out and dribble down his front eventually, and the smaller pieces he mushes up and swallows.

  • millie is 24 weeks so nearly 6 months i gave her some bread the other day and she sucked on it then ate some then squished the rest up and threw it! she is fine with lumps in her food and hasnr gagged an anything yet except her spoon when she tries to feed herself! x x
  • Hey,

    your lo is doing what Louise used to do and still sometimes does! They're exploring the food and learning how to feed themselves at the same time!

    Louise used to take just one bit of each sandwich or bit of toast. Now, she eat 2 whole fingers of toast after her cereal.

    I think you'd be right to give mashed foods too to make sure she's getting enough.

    Will cheese, I give her short sticks, I think it breaks off in her mouth fairly quickly and then she chews it.

  • Hiya, I am really trying to get Gabe used to finger foods, he's been weaned since 4 months and finger foods since 6 months. I try to offer him everything, except the obvious things eg. uncooked apples. Try pear, Gabe ate a really soft conference pear yesterday and he loved it. If she is confident with chewing you can leave skin on and give it whole, if not, cut into slices and peel image Gabe eats sandwiches (cut in quarters), baby crisps, rusks, baby biscuits, toast, bread & butter etc. Sometimes he plays with it, sometimes he wolfs it down, it totally depends image
  • Thanks for your replies.
    She ate about half a piece of toast. Today I thought I would try her withsome banana and she ate two thirds. I was suprised to see her grab it and pop it in her mouth. I was expecting her to squidge it. I've also noticed if I dont sit and watch her (i do but out the corner of my eye!) she seems more inclined to eat herself. Although I have notice her nicely push it down the side of the highchair-lil monkey!
    I always have to try and suck the piece of food to see how well it dissolvs before I give it to her!

    Shes now sticking her hand in to her lumpoy purees and squidging it. Had half her sleeve ful of chinese eysterday. I guess your right about tehm exploring. OH wasnt too impressed though when she wasted loadsa of the chinese lol!

    Thanks to tigerlily on another post. I have started giving her square bread as its harder for her to put a big bit in her mouth. I havent tried toast. I was thinking takes longer to dissolve? I give her homemade bread which its freshly made so it breaks up easily. It doesnt appear to stick to the top of her mouth.

    Cant believe shes nearly 10mths...and getting a lil independent. xxx
  • Want to hear the storey of Zackys first dairylea sandwich.... LOL.

    He had square sandwiches on a plate. Mommy gave him the first quarter.... held her breath..... he ate most of the quarter really nicely. Next quarter he took the sandwich appart and licked the dairylea off one half and ate the other. Then he grabbed all of the bits of sandwiches that were left ... licked ost of the dairylea off. Then began to squeeze all of the bits together. He wiped a bit of sandwich around the bottom of the plate and covered it in dairylea (so dextrous). When all of his sandwiches were in a moulded mound in the middle of the plate he started to pick bits off and ate the lot. So funny to see.

    When he has a bowl of food he loves to try to get his hands, his spoon and even his feet into his food. He tries to squeeze food from one hand to the other as well. He also swipes things off our plates (last thing was meat samosas).
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