He's so far behind!

It just seems to me that Kian is really far behind in terms of development than other babies his age. He's 7 months on the 29th. He's not saying any words yet (apart from I think he said 'hiya' to me about 2wks ago, not 100% though, and oh also thinks he's said dada but he's not said either since!), he's not attempting to crawl or bumshuffle, he can sit up quite well though, and although he can move the walker when he's in it, he chooses not to! Do you think he is just a lazy baby or do you think he's behind? HV came the other day for 6-8 month check and said if he doesnt start saying a 'double-babble' word in the next 2 wks, he has to go for hearing test, surely that means he SHOULD be saying it by now? I've tried encouraging him but no luck! xx


  • Ben is almost 10mths now,but i remember when he was about 7mths and he wasnt crawling,he only started commando crawling at about 8mths+ and now is sitting quite well but before that he just cried if i put him in a sitting postition!I cant hear any recognisable words but he does babble and if you try it does sound like hes saying some things lol!!!!When i went for my 8-9mth check the HV said she wasnt expecting him to say anything yet!Im sure he will do in his own time and it does seem to happen all at once,dont worry at under 7mths he sounds fine to me and if you think you heard hiya and dada well they are double babbled(lol)arent they????all the best and love to little Kian x
  • DON'T PANIC-all babies develope at a different rate and you really can't compare them. My lo is also 7mnths old and although chats away doesn't make any definite sounds or words, but i can tell you there is nothing wrong with her hearing. She answers to her name, can hear you approach from behind and knows when you're about even if the floor board creeks. She also sits up really well unsupported and has done for a couple of months now but hasn't crawled-my theory is she hates being on her stomach. However she is more advanced in other things-she can now pull herself to standing so i wouldn't be surprised if she missed crawling altogether and went straight to walking. I'm sure HV were put on this earth to worry about stupid things, they're worse than useless if you ask me. I'm sure your lo is neither lazy or 'behind', just advancing at his own pace. Try and enjoy him and not worry xx
  • Yes he's my 1st baby. It's just that every other mum I speak to has something new to tell me that their lo's have done, but Kian doesn't seem to have done anything major yet! I'll try not to worry about it anyway, I know they develop at different rates, thanks ladies xx
  • I def wouldn't worry- every child is different and esp if he is your first. My bro never crawled and he didn't start walking till he was 2- he was just a lazy boy.

    If you are concerned just keep practicing things with him- spend a few mins each day going over and over ma ma, da da, ba ba- you probably do this anyway!!
  • I wouldnt worry about it, all babies are different, Isaac didnt crawl till he was just over 11 months and apart from babbling he doesnt say any words yet (I cant remember but I think he was about 9 months before he started to babble), he is now 13 months old and is not even attempting to walk yet, I'm not worried though he will do it eventually and why walk when you really dont have to?
  • well me,my sis and my neice all had our baby boys one mth apart,my lo being the youngest and they are all so different!to listen to my sis her son is always doing something different,just little silly things but my son didnt do any of them!and it is kinda hard not to compare...my son has 6 teeth,my sisters son who is 2 mths older has 4 and my neices son has none!sorry to go on but all im saying is its a mistake to compare and all our los develop when they are ready!!ive stopped listening now to my sisters tales and just concentrating on my own lo
  • Hi all babies are different in their development. Kara was premature by 5 1/2 weeks so they say that her development will be behind in most things. However there are other things that she is doing no problems. She is 8 months and she is saying mama and dada for the last couple of weeks and is copying us waving. She stands up so straight when we are holding her and I bought her a walker today and when she got into it she stood up so straight the girl in the shop even commented on it. Other than that she has no signs at all of crawling. She is not interested at all when she is on her stomach. She lifts her arms when she is placed on her stomach but doesn't seem strong enough yet to support her whole body. She doesn't sit up on her own on the floor or the bed but if I slightly support the bottom of her back she sits no problem. I think she just doesn't feel strong enough yet for it. She also looks around when you call her name and smiles as she knows you are talking to her. She is doing different bits and pieces everyday and as long as this continues I will be happy. She has no teeth at all but teething really bad.

    I wouldn't listen to what others say and especially not my HV. They are only going by what they are told. All children are different and develop at different rates.
  • Hi - I'm going to echo what everyone else has said but its true try not to worry as babies develop at different rates. My friends lo was born on the same day as mine and to look at them my lo looks about 2 months older as she is alot bigger, her lo is crawling, standing, clapping, waving, mine has just started to commando crawl, claps occasionally and doesn't wave!! She loves her food - hence her size! - whereas her lo isn't fussed - sorry to waffle!! They are nearly 9 mths.
    Relax and just enjoy him!!
  • It's so easy to worry when other mum's tell you what their lo's doing at the same age and yours isn't. Morgana was 8 weeks early so is naturally a little behind in her development. She is 8 months now, she can sit unaided for 2 seconds, then she falls over, but she sits well supported. She has been able to stand straight when held for a number of weeks now (standing is her favourite thing at the moment). She rolls over, but doesnt roll back, she snake shuffles when on her tummy and supports herself well for a while. She doesn't babble yet, it's mostly squealing noises, but she has her first two teeth. As you can see, development is a real mixture, don't get frustrated, it's not a race image
  • my brother was 3 before he spoke. he never said anything and when he did finally speak it was sentences. there are always guidelines but at the same time all children are different. do you feel he has a hearing problem? you know your lo best and you may find he's just dev eloping in other ways instead
  • Please don't worry! Ellis is 10 months and still isnt crawling! He isnt interested and hates being on his tummy, my HV told me she doesnt think he will crawl. He says quite a lot of words now, mama, dada, nana, what, where, look (but can't get the 'L' so its 'ook'. He was quite early when it can to words but he is very slow when it comes to doing things.

    If a toy goes out of reach, he would rather leave it and have no toy if it means he has to move!! He's standing against the sofa really well now but he can't pull himself up.

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