V-Tech walker + tesco baby event


I've just seen this walker on sale for ??15 in Tesco, is it worth me popping back there for it?


AND - tesco are just starting thier baby event - lots of reduced items!



  • I was lucky enough to be given one of these and Jonathan loves it! Def. well worth getting one and that is a good price!!
  • Definately get it. We bought one for Millie and she played with it loads, just given it to Barney and he thinks it is fab as well. For ??15 it's a fantastic buy.
  • Nathan has one and loves his, I would say its well worth going back for. I think we paid around ??20 so its a good deal.

  • GET IT!! We got one and Kelsie loves it! Well worth 15 quid!

  • great thanks, i'll pop out and get it later! I did check they had lots left!
  • :lol: It gets annoying after a while...It sings 'Hello puppy calling do you want to play with me :lol: Goes right through your head after a few mins!!
  • We have this for Charlotte, it is good. I bought it for my sis's oldest then passed onto her youngest lo, now passed back to me!!
    She's not walking with it yet though we are trying to encourage her. She does play with it. Go buy it for ??15!
  • Thanks !!!

    I went back and got it, Louise loves the panel though I have to say it's very loud!!! Lol (even on the lower volume setting)

    Hopefully it will be great as a walker once she starts trying to walk.
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