To use follow on milk or not? Confused!

Hiya Mums and babies (and those with bumps!)

Lily is 6 months now and is on Cow and Gate Number 1 milk. I know she can have the follow on milks now but are they worth it? She is happy on the milk she is on, but why do they make the follow on milks? Are they just incase your baby isn't getting all the iron it needs from food? Is it worth swapping?

What did you do/are going to do?



  • Gabe is on Cow & Gate 3 now and seems to really enjoy it. I changed because he was being fussy with solids and because you can get points on it!
  • hia stage 3has more iron in and if your lo is not eating very well and getting iron from food then it may be worth considering but if she has a healthy diet i would stick to number 1! The main reason they do follow on milks is because stage 1 cnt be advbertised where as follow on can so its a marketing ploy!! xx
  • if she is fine on the milk she is on stay with it, i would only change her onto the follow on if the first one stops satasfiying her properly.
  • Just crashing from Toddler...
    Follow-on formula is also a lighter milk so wont fill up little tummies as much as stage 1. It's designed to complement a weaning diet. Having said that; I didn't use it as my LO was happy on stage 1.
  • Thanks. I think we will plod along for now with the stage 1 milk and see how she goes with the weaning!

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