Formula (also in bottlefeeding)

Does anyone know why you cant make bottles up by adding the formula in advance? I know the water has to be hot to kill the bacteria in the power so what can be bad once the bacteria is dead? And does reheating cool boiled water really make it hot enough to kill the bacteria? ..Confused!

Thanks in advance xx


  • Someone put this link on one of my other threads. But I think you'll find we all make up bottles differently, and hardly any of out lo's have any tummy problems. They are guidelines at the end of the day. xx
  • Was just trying to find that link!

    I make bottles up and my lo is fine.

  • I have made up a few when I have been going out and not had any problems, I just wondered if there was a good reason not to! Thanks for the link xx
  • you can but the milk needs to be used within 2 hours (i think) of making as after bacteria can start to form - i think thats the reason, when we go out i take bottles of cooled boiled water and a little pot with ready measured out formula, add it and warm the bottle in a travel warmer x
  • That was my link you got there before have 2hours if the bottles kept out at room temp but 24hrs if you cool it and store in the fridge. Unfortunately the hv I asked was as much use as a chocolate teapot so had to use the powers of google! I remember at my parentcraft classes my midwife telling us that they basically change the guidelines because of the number of instances of babies getting sick from bottles of pre-prepared formula, but it's thought that these were prepared and stored by the not so careful parents so as long as your sensible about it I don't see any reason not to x
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