Doctors RANT

Hi Mums & Babies,

At the weeked i recieved a letter from my doctors asking me to go on iron tablets, i though theis was from my bloods taken on wed for my six week check but no i was supposed to be taking them since the birth of Evie. What if it had been something more serious i cant beleive how careless theyve been. I also now cant get into the doctors till after christmas to get my iron tablets.

Alex & Evie xxx


  • How disgusting!

    Though you now have an excuse to eat lots of chocolate over christmas and any other yummy foods containing iron.
  • I was the same - I went to see the doc about my blood pressure a while ago (was about 3 months preg by that point) and she asked me how I was doing on this injection thingy i'd been prescribed, but I hadn't heard anything about it! Turned out even worse, as it wasnt meant for me at all, so someone who should have been having it hadn't got it... image

    red meat is full of iron (spinach is always cited as full of it but it is also full of iron absorption inhibitors) so is broccoli, and they say a glass of white wine can help you to absorb the iron as well.... bread is said to be full of iron absorption inhibitors as well, so when I had to take tablets I cut out bread quite a lot and my levels came back up reasonably quickly...

    Its a pain when docs dont do what they're supposed to do.
  • Hey

    I reckon you can get some folic acid at the pharmacy and that has iron in them unless i'm talking crap!
    That is at least something rather than nothing! But yeah try and eat foods high in iron as well. You should be able to get some tablets at the pharmacy though. As for the docs? I have learnt that since birth I have never seen more useless people in their job. Sometimes I just want to scream at them.

    Good luck though!!

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