1st injections..is this normal?


Ethan had his 1st set of injections this morning, but not sure if this is normal.
He had a feed at 11.30 but hasn't had any since, i have tried but he refuses. He's tried sleeping also since 11.30 but is unsettled. Between 1 & 2.30 he kept nodding off for 1min then waking screaming. He then settled on school run at 2.30 and has been asleep since, but it's more apping than sleeping with the odd little cry outburst and then nods back off again.

How long should i leave it to try and feed again?
Are they usually this sleepy?

I have brought calpol just incase, but not used it as yet.




  • My boys also slept most of the day. They also had intermittent screams. They seemed ok so didnt give the calpol the first time. Just keep an eye on him but he should be ok. If you are worried, call the drs. Thats what they are there for. Babies can go 24hrs without being affected by not feeding (the dr told me this, although ideally you wouldnt want them to!)

    Keep an eye on his temp and make sure he has wet nappies but try not to worry too much.


    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 17 weeks today!
  • Thanks for replying.

    His temp is currently between 37.1 & 37.7, so slightly raised which i will keep an eye on.
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