Poor baby Isaac & Magic Drs

Poor little Isaac had is second trip to casualty struggling with his breathing last night, he is only 4 months.

Just as dh and I was going to bed he woke up screaming, I went and picked him up and the poor little boy could hardly breathe, he was coughing and crying and hmmphing and grunting, making all sorts of noises that baby's shouldn't made and his poor chest was heaving. Anayway, we were just getting ready to take him to our local hospital when he couldn't breathe for quite a while, so dh called the ambulance.

The nice ambulance sped us to hospital and he was such a poorly boy still we almost went straight to resuss. The nurse came and examined him and he was still really struggling to breathe. Well, we waited about an hour to see the Doc and the second the doc walked in, well, there was not a croak or a hmmph is sight (although lo did manage the odd cough) Why does it always happen that way (although we were of couse very relieved that he was much better)!!!

Anyway, we got home about 1.30am and the poorly boy spent most of the night sleeping on mumyy's shoulder or knee and thankfully seems much better this morning although he still has a nasty cough.

I am certain that I am not just a nuerotic parent, but, I bet the dr though so! imageimageimage


  • Is horrid when lo's poorly, and they always seem fine when dr's are bout don't they?!? Glad Isaacis ok, tho very scary for u i'm sure x
    Braedon got taken to hospital at 6 wks old cos was screaming all the time and refusing to bf - HV and GP thought he had stomach prblem and hurting to feed...turned out he was hungry, the doc gave him formula and he drank the lot and smiled! We were of course hugely relieved but I felt totally stupid for bothering the hopsital dr's with a baby who just needed a good feed and for being too rubbish to notice he was just hungry!!!
  • Oh poor boy, and poor you.

    You certainly don't sound like a neurotic parent - its always best to get things checked out
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