OK - How do I stop this one!

Tommy is pretty good at sleeping through the night (I am lucky) but the past couple of nights its like he has learnt to wriggle soooo much he has ended up wedged horizontally! Obviously this wakes him up - so back to the question -

How can I stop him doing this???


  • Umm... would love to know the answer! Harry's learnt to move himself back so this is no longer a problem but it was a bloody nightmare! I feel for you lee! really i do! xxx
  • I think u can get sleep positioners tht stop babies rollin mayb try one of them?
  • I found Gabe upside down the other day. Strangely enough he never woke though - or if he did, I didn't hear him. You can get sleep positioners, or try rolling up blankets to keep him in the same position. xx
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