Mia won't eat jar food!!

I have a problem. Up until now I've made all of Mia's food and frozen it, fruit, veg etc. etc. Now she's 6 months old she needs to be having meat in her diet. Apart from spag bol and cottage pie which blends really well I haven't a clue what else to give her to get more meat into her diet (I'm pregnant again so prob being really thick!). I've tried a couple of different jars but she won't touch them she just spits it out. Help!! xxxx



  • I might be worth you buying one of the Anabel Karmel receipe books, there's loads of ideas in there. Barney is very fond of things like casserole mushed up as the meat goes lovely and soft.
  • I agree with Bedhead about getting an AK book. The complete Baby & Toddleer meal book is a very good buy.
    If you do casseroles that makes the meat really tender too so easy to blend with the veg. Also lasagne is good to blend and delicious when it is all homemade (apart from the pasta - I use fresh pasta as I think it tastes nicer)

    You can also try your lo on very mild chilli con carne mixed with basmati rice (I blend the chilli then add the rice but you could blend the rice up too). Also make a mild curry like korma then blend up. Some lo's love the taste of spicy food as long as it is mild and if you add cream, yogurt or even sweet potato to it it cools it down.

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  • Go to your local library and have a look at what books they have. I got some good recipes from there and then bought the Anabel Karmel book. Some fab recipes in there!
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