Routines and sleep questions


My lo is almost 17 weeks and i've just started putting her into a routine. She used to have a good routine but through illnesses since the begining of Jan they've all gone haywire.
She used to feed well in the day and then sleep 9-3 and 3.30 - 7. Now she just doesn't want to feed during the day (she seems to get distracted really easily, mostly by hitting my arm with her hand !??!) but is more than happy to feed during the night. I always feed her in the bedroom now as there are fewer distractions but it doesn't seem to be helping. She goes to sleep about 730 after a good feed; i give her a dream feed about 1015 then she usually wakes about 130 and then again at 430. I know this isn't bad at all for a 17 week old but...
Anyway, she's responding REALLY well to the routine but all the routines are based around a 2 hour waking time, whereas my lo can only manage 1.5 hours before being tired. If i try to stretch it out then she's too tired to sleep. It means that she's all out of sync. She went down for her long lunchtime nap at 11 today instead of 12 and she'll need an extra 45 min nap this afternoon.
She naturally wakes at 7 does 90 minutes followed by a 45 minute nap. Then another 90 mjinutes before she's tired at which point i don't know if she should have her long nap or maybe just let her have 10 minutes to tide her over until a lunchtime nap. Any ideas anyone?
She is now able to settle herself after about 10 minutes which i'm really pleased with - apart from late afternoon when i have to help her sleep.
Has anyone got any ideas or had the same issues?
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