What Do You Do?

JJ discovered rolling like 2/3 days ago...now he won't stop!!! i put him on his play mat and went into the kitchen to get a drink and came back to find him pulling CDs off the shelf BEHIND his bouncy chair...i think he got under it!! he won't stay still!! the worst part is that he's tiring himself out so he's not eating properly cuz he's too tired!! arghhhh lol!! can i glue him to the floor?! :lol: x


  • Lol, no advice but wait till he starts crawling and pulling himself up on things like Ashton is at the moment!!!! xxx
  • i've got some parcel tape...think that'll do the job? :lol: x
  • Aww bless him i have a really funny image in my head of him parcel taped to the floor!!! Oscar STILL won't roll, but he doesn't hate being on his tummy so much any more so it's progress! he has learnt if he wants something to throw himself at it and he usually gets there, or bashes his nose in the process! x
  • JJ wasn't showing any signs of wanting to roll and hates being on his tummy but now there's no stopping him :lol: x
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