Double buggy?

What double buggy do you have? I dont want to spend a fortune but I am going to need one. Ideally hubby would like one that is parent facing at least for the newborn. our son wil be a year old by then.

Please help


  • I am currently pregnat with number 2 (i'll have a 20 month gap) and I couldn't find a double buggy that I liked (and that DH would let me buy!) so I have just got a buggypod to attach to my old parent facing pram. We've taken Abby for a couple of walks round the block in it, and she loves it.
  • Ive got one similar to this

    Its not parent facing but ive had loads of use out on mine, its cheap, easy to push, folds up easy and it not too wide for going through doors. My ds1 was 15 months when i had ds2 so they were both in it most of the time and it lies down enough for the baby

    Gemm x
  • puff, im in the same boat as you chick!! frantically looking for something!!

    that buggypod looks mad! ive never seen anything like that before!!!

    im looking at the first wheels city twin
  • we bought a phil and teds and thought it was pretty good for a double. easy to push and cosy for a newborn. we bought the cacoon for newborn and it was brilliant for the cold winter we had. excellent raincover.
    only flaws were that u cant hang changing bag on handle as either blocks baby or other way round sticks out too much or touches babies head.
    i love the i candy peach bt second seat isnt huge for elder child.
    good luck with ur search.
    p.s there is a new phil and teds just out and its much improved from the sport we had - looks fab
    xxx nat xxx
  • There's 20 months between DS1 & DS2 & we chose a Silvercross Pop Duo. It isn't parent facing but we've had no major issues with it & have now been using it for 4 months.
  • i had a first wheels twin, i loved it, its a side by side one and you can use a carrycot and seat units and the seat units are parent or forward facing. i had a 22 month gap. i loved it, even at 22 months i still had ds1 facing me so i could talk to him, its heavy and prob a pain to get on buses etc but i had a car so it wasnt an issue for me. i got it 2nd on ebay for 150, and sold it again for 200 so theres always a demand for them!!

  • i llike the look of the lebruss zoom - they look difficult to find though. Just found one on ebay for ??150.

    When i get pg with 2nd i willl be keeping an eye for one x
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