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Hi ladies I was wondering if any of you might be able to reccommend me a new pushchair. I have the My3 which, although was a great pram, is a rubbish pushchair imo as my ds is constantly wanting to look out so is pulling himself up toward the bar meaning I cant strap him in right as if I do its screams all the way. Im dreading taking him out its that bad!

I really need a pushchair that sits as close to 90 degrees as possible and was wondering if any of you know of any pushchair (apart from maclaren) that do them...I wont buy a MacLaren after the safety scares so I havent even been looking at these.

I would really like the stokke xplory but theyre a mortgage! image


  • I have the Obaby one from Mothercare, cant remember name, think its atlas sport. Anyway it reclines well for sleeping but has an almost 90 degrees if not actually 90 degree sitting up angle. Worth a look. I got it when there was 20% off so think it was about ??75 or so.

  • I've got a Silver Cross Pop. The back can be adjusted from either completely laying flat, to sitting up completely straight. I love my pushchair, would recommend it.
  • You could try the Luna by mama's and papa's. The straps are different so much easier for LO to lean forward (found this a real bonus as DS loves to do this a lot of the time now). Also the city mini (baby jogger) is brilliant. Really great fold, it's a fairly upright seat, but does have straps that are more likely to pull them back.
  • just saw a mamas and papas beat buggy on argos website reduced to ??69.99 (was ??99) and i thought it looked quite nice! Im thinking about swapping my mamas and papas Aria for an umbrella style and will maybe check it out!

    Gemm x
  • I've got a second hand Mamas and Papas Pliko and it goes right up to 90% and reclines fully. I think they're quite expensive new but I had it for ??45 from an NCT sale.
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