Rosehip Syrup?

Has anyone used this for their LO?

Harry has had a stinking cold to go along with the stomach bug and my gramma mentioned that they always used to use Rosehip syrup for vitC to help with colds. Then saw an article in the paper about it but can't remember where or which paper!

Any advice with this? Seems to be out of distribution in a lot of places!

Lucy, Harry and The Cold xxx


  • Hi why not try and google it to see what it says also see where you can get it from
    I havent heard of it.
    vikki xx
  • My advice would be don't give it!!! It's almost pure sugar. My oh used to have it diluted as a drink when he was little, a few years ago he decided he wanted to try it again. We looked everywhere for it and it was really hard to find, think we got some in the end but it ended up in the bin cos it was rank!
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