Had to return a lovely xmas pressie

My mil bought Charlotte a lovely winter jacket from Next for Xmas. It was a lovely shiny mink colour in a parka style with fur around the hood. Lo is 1 in 2 weeks so I said if u buy clothes get 12-18 months even though she's smaller than average. Anyway cos it's a coat it was too big but would be too small by next winter. I took it back to exchange it but cos the sale is on they had none left and they said I couldn't order one as Spring Summer 09 catalogue out now!!!!!! It's not even end of December - WTF??!!

So I've had to get a refund and will have to get lo something else but I'm really miffed as it was a lovely coat but would only have fitted her in middle of next summer!

GRRRRRR! Now just got to let mil know.......



  • this happened to us last year!!

    Issy got 3 coats as xmas pressies, and already had a snow suit! she was 3 months old, and all coats were 3-6 months!!

    she was never gonna wear them all, so i took a gorgeous wool coat back to Next - it was from their Signature range, and should have been ??30. i wanted to get the 12-18m for this winter, but of course, boxing day sale - now ??15! i was really mad, as they had none left, but i'd have only got half what my friend paid! fortunately, my mate was great, and actually found the gift receipt she had for it!!

    i put the money on a gift card, and got her one in September when the winter catalogue came out!

    one of the other coats she also got from next is last yrs version of what yours sounds like, but it had embroidered flowers at the bottom! it was gorgeous! washed well too! (cant you tell you're getting old when you say things like that!!)
  • I'm hoping they have something similar next winter cos it was so nice and when I tried it on her it really suited her (although too big of course).
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