A grazing baby- please help !

I need some top tips please...

my DD is nearly 9 weeks old and is EBF, but she only ever takes a tiny amount at each feed- she's on the breast for barely a few minutes, then an hour later she is hungry again.

I get no time to myself and am becoming exhausted.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get her to take more on board at each feed so we might go longer between feeds please?

Desperate for ideas, thank you



  • Is she coming off the boob or is she falling asleep?
  • both Mrs Setters, sometimes she just stops and other times she falls asleep.
    Thank goodness you are online I know I'll get some fab advice from you

  • have you tried winding her and putting her back on? or changing her nappy and putting her back on? or maybe swapping sides?
  • Hi Calleigh

    I've tried changing sides and also have tried popping her back on after a few minutes but she is just not interested.
    She seems quite content after just a few minutes feed, but then is hungry after an hour or so.

    Is she just a grazer? I'd just like some sort of decent gap between feeds to be honest.

  • If she's falling asleep or stopping active sucking, you might want to try some breast compressions to increase the milk flow and perk up her interest. What you need to do is get her out of the snacking trap she's fallen into - she's not hugely hungry as she ate an hour ago, but she's peckish, so she has a snack that tops her up, feels fuller, stops, cycle continues. If you can get one big feed down her that will fill her right up, get her to go a few hours until she's actually properly hungry again, that might be enough to break the cycle. She may have fallen into the cycle due to all the hot weather, she'll be feeding frequently for thirst and gotten into snacking hell!

    It might even be worth expressing a feed and seeing if she will take a few ounces in one go from the bottle - because it just flows down their throats they are more likely to take a larger feed in one sitting from a bottle. Probably not what a lactation consultant would advise but it worked with my DD in the early days when we went through the same thing.

    This is a good link from Jack Newman's website on breast compressions

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