What a awful night!!

Im writing this feel soo tired my lo was up practically every hour from 2am. I dont know what i have done the other night for the first time he slept from 12am - 6am , but now for 2 days straight he wakes up hourly looking for my boob to suck. I Give in and let him suck then he goes back to sleep is this the wrong thing to do am i getting him into bad habits?? He is 5 months and on 2 meals a day not sure if i need to give him more food or start to feed him more breast milk at night but he never eats unless he wants to . Advice needed for a very very tired mommy!!


  • Ahh.. poor you hunnie!!! When Eoin was younger he seemed to demand more milk during growth spurts, Could this be it? xxx
  • I feel for you - I slept on the sofa all night and was out walking lo round the block at midnight! Nightmare. He would only settle in his pram so thats where he slept. He is terrible, so poorly and only wants to be carried.
    I'm miserable - its nights like this I wish I'd never had a baby! (sorry).
    It could be a growth spurt hun, have you tried settling him back down without feeding him? a dummy can work wonders sometimes. xx
  • oh god tigerlily that sounds awful poor u!! no he doesn't have a dummy. Im so tired at night i try to settle him without giving him my boob but he doesn't settle so i give in but i think he is hungry though some of the time.
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