She crawled !

Just thought I'd share the news with you all. Maddi started crawling across the lounge floor this morning. I have to admit that she is only going backwards though but not bad I suppose as shes just 5 months. Her brother wasnt bothered unti he was at least 6 months so i never expected her to do it til then


  • oh wow! i remember when jack first started and he went backwards for bout 2 month lol and lewis just used to shuffle, they soon pick it up though lol well done Maddi !! xx
  • Well done maddie!!! Eoin didnt crawl till 6 months........ I remember when he took his first little scrabble across the floor, it warmed my heart! xxxx

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  • wow thats fab!grace is almost 7 mths but isnt crawling properly yet,she rolls everywhere n shuffles around but not got the nack of crawling yet! xx
  • How exciting! great!

    I'm looking forward to my lo crawling but am also dreading it as I know then i'll never get a chance to sit down lol
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