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Hi everyone
OH has been made redundant and my hours have been cut to 11 per week.
We have talked a lot and with my wage and benifits we can survive for a while. OH is going to use his redundancy money to go back to college and get a qualification.
It was a hard desicion to come to to go onto benifits as my OH always has been a grafter but we decided that with things as they are economicaly he would be better off with a qualification than get another factory job where we could be in the same situation a few months from now.
How do you all feel about benifits? Are you on them?


  • I am on child tax credits, get about ??45 a week and child benefit. Oh works but he is on a fairly low income....I have no problems with people claiming benefits at all as long as they are truthful about claiming. I think they are there for people in your situation and are a blessing really, we are lucky to have a system like we do and it's a shame when people lie about their circumstances to take advantage of it! xxxx
  • Benefits exist to help people in your situation, go for it!
    And good luck to your oh with his qualification x
  • i am with all the other ladies if you need them claim for them. I ont get very much as my oh has his own business, but if we ever needed to then we would.
  • I agree with Katie! It's the long term claimers that drive me mad!
    You've paid your taxes and are entitled to them so claim away!!
  • Thanks girls its silly how guilty a person can feel about benifits but like you say thats what they are there for, oh and i have both worked full time since we were 16 so i reckon weve paid for them! lol
  • I agree with Katie and Donna&Poppy its the ppl who have never worked who bug me! If i wasin ur situation i'd claim. Me and oh both work and we get ??14p w family allowance
  • I totally agree!
    I worked from before I was 16, at one point I had 3 jobs. Before I became pregnant with Ellie I worked 7 days a week and continued this until I was 7.5 months pregnant.
    My FT job was temporary and went out permanently when I was on maternity leave but I wasn't told so didn't apply. In November I went onto benefits because Ellie has had numerous problems with her feeding, weight loss, seperation anxiety etc. but it was one of the hardest decisions i've ever made and I hate being on benefits.
    I think people who claim when they have no need to and those who are working in cash in hand jobs but still claiming just ruin it for other people who are genuiene. The way I look at is Ellie and I wouldn't eat if I wasn't claiming what i'm entitled to so it's the only option at the minute.
    I'm returning to college in september as I feel the same as your OH in regards to the long term benefits.
    I really hope it all works out for you both and don't feel guilty about the benefits because that's what they are there for!
    Lauren xxx
  • Benefits are there to help people like yourselves who are going through a bit of financial hardship, as you say your oh is going back to college with a view to getting a better job so good luck to you. I must admit I did used to have a very different opinion but then my hubby was unwell and is still on reduced wages so we are currently fighting to get dla for him (it has gone to a tribunal now) I think people are very blinkered about others being on benefits as there are the few people who will not work and seem to get everything for nothing that ruin it for the genuine cases.
  • i think you should be entitled to some. we are entitled to nowt and oh was made redundant in nov. i earn to much apparently. thats a laugh. im so mad. benefits are there to help people and its not like hel be sat on his bum doin nothin. xxx
  • I think you're absolutely right to claim in this situation- your whole aim is for your oh to get a better job in the long run and go back to supporting yourselves. As others have said, what I don't like about benefits is the people who have never worked, and their children grow up and never work etc. I think benefits should be used for people for a short term boost, as in your situation, or for longer term help for those who genuinely can't work, through illness or whatever.
  • My Dave lost his job after 12 years working solidly. He got made redundant just after christmas, which was a huge blow for us......We have some savings which are keeping us above board, and we both get what benefits we're entitled too. I worked until I was pregnant, he worked until he was made redundant so I don't think there is anything wrong with us claiming benefits, or you. Dave is hoping to start a new place in 2 fingers crossed. There is just no work anywhere!!

  • In your situation go for it as you are more than entitled to it. The ones that really get to me are those who claim benefits for the sake of it because they can't be bothered to even look for a job because they don't see the point when they are getting money anyway for nothing. You both have worked hard so claim what is rightfully yours and what you paid your taxes for. Its the same for those who genuinely can't work. They are more than entitled to benefits. I just hate people frauding the benefit system as it is the ones who work hard who suffer.
  • im on benefits image i had to give up my job when my eldest sons problems became too much for the school, was havin to take sooo much time off surprised i wasnt fired!
    it wasnt so bad as oh was earning a livable wage (low)
    but when we split i had to claim income support, but i too am hoping to get some qualifications as jobs at the moment (especially if u need a little flexibility) are hard to come by
    i am very greatfull for the benefit system we have, it means my kids can eat and i have the oppertunity to gain some qualls and start paying back in again,
    true there is still a stigma attatched to claiming benefit though, but if there wasnt maybe some people wouldnt be encouraged to move off benefit?
    we all know the sort (that sit out in the sun all summer while ur graftin ur arse off)
  • I know exactly how you feel rainbowshoes. my OH got made redundant in October and I sent him straight down the dole office, as much as he resented it, you cant survive on nothing and when you have worked all that time why shouldnt you claim what you are entitled to.

    I totally agree with the other comments too, its the people who are dishonest that mess it up for others.

    My Oh is now working again, thankfully and we couldnt wait to call the dole office and tell them that we no longer needed there ??46 per week (TO FEED 5!!!). and the best of it is we couldnt claim Income support or housing benefit because i was getting maternity allowance still and they said we only needed ??96 per week to live on, so we were getting ??153 per week and ??85 was rent ??25 Council tax and the rest, all the other bills and household expenses!!!!! Where is the justice in that??

    nb. thats not including tax credits or bhild benefit but thats not the point lol.

    Sorry to rant there the benefits system in this country is just so weird, it seems if you have never worked you get everything on a plate!

  • my oh might be getting made reduntant too, and we have no savings, we only just scrape by, we claim tax credit. im so scared of how we will cope though because even tho my hubby works 45 hours a week we only have 20 between us for the week!!! once we have paid bills, i think if your entiled to it then claim it! xx
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