waste of fxxxing time

well we went to hospital today for daisys barium meal and they couldnt do it. her appointment was 10.50 i wasnt allowed to give her anyhthing to eat or drink they kept us waiting till gone 12 then gave her the white shitty drink in a cup shes not one till next week. i put it in her bottle she took few gulps before realising then spat it out . they just kept saying to keep trying her shes is not bloodey stupid i struggle to get food into her sometimes let alone anyhting as disgusting as that. i asked if they couyld try syringing it in then they spent 10 mins looking for a dummy dispenser thing he then said sorry they couldnt find it but they only needed to use it for smaller babies didnt think they would need it for a one year old. they then used a syringe and she just held it in her mouth and spat it out. He said they couldnt do it and sent us home. After making a comment that made me rage he explained that a tube could go down her throat and into her belly but he would have to report back to our peadeatrician before doing so and that he didnt think it would be required as she looked so healthy and i shouldnt worry. i burst into tears and said i have had 12 months of hell!! so i should have gone the birmingham meet after all just thought i was finally getting somewhere. have cried most of afternoon xx


  • Oh nooo, they treated you so bad. She is 1 not 11! How's she supposed to know that she has to drink something even if it tastes like poo? Surely they're supposed to be professionals and should know how to get the barium stuff into a 1 y/o? Grrrrrrr. Maybe you should write a letter of complaint xx
  • I agree with Tiger Lily, you should definitely complain. How on earth can they be surprised that a 1 year old wouldn't want to drink that stuff?! They should have handled the situation far more professionally and competently x
  • dont know where we go from here i saw a homeopath in august might go back and see her again. sorry for rant bit stressed yesterday thanks for your kind words x
  • Aw babe, that's rubbish. Hope you and Daisy have a better day today. S x
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