HI to all,

I think i'll get stright to the point. When did it become nice again for you, like before you had baby. Wanting to do a little survey for me just out of interest, hope that doesn't offend anyone.

thanks and happy christmas xx


  • Sorry cant help as its been 6 weeks and im still bleeding so havn't done the deed yet but am dreading it as im worried it will hurt! x
  • I had sex for first time after having Jack exactly 4 weeks after giving birth, Was slighlty uncomfortable for first minute or so but soon felt a lot better, the next day we had sex it felt fine from the start!!

    And i would actually say sex feels a lot better than before I had children. God knows why....we dont do anything different!! :lol:


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  • Same as FM!! Still bleeding 5 wks on and also dreading it....
  • I first had sex 8 weeks after Sam was born, but it wasn't nice till 4 or 5 months after he was born xxx
  • Garfield I totally agree with you there hun, I would'nt say I enjoyed sex half as much as I do after having kids image Maybe its coz you miss it soooooo much after being pregnant (when it hurts like hell!!) Well it always did for me ne way.
    I would say after about a month it felt 'normal' again x x x x
  • First did the deed 4 weeks after the birth (when the bleeding had stopped) and it was a bit painful to start but after a few mins back 2 normal. Did have a c section though so seeing as nothing changed 'down there', does that count? xx
  • Its 8 weeks after the birth and not done it yet. I stopped bleeding after 3 weeks. We have tried twice but didnt manage it. It feels too tight and sore (sorry tmi)
  • We started having sex again 6 weeks after the birth but it still felt a little tender for a couple more weeks so took a couple of months until it felt nice like before xx
  • I went abit mad after having lo and was desperate for it!! LOL
    We did it after 5 weeks and it just felt normal, then for a good while after we had it alot and our sex life was prob best its ever been! hence.........

  • we done it 4 weeks after and it was fine, just the same but i didnt have any tears etc so that might be why. x
  • Like SamanthaJ23 I was gagging for it more or less after giving birth (sorry to be so crude..) but waited 2 weeks as had had an episiotomy so was worried about stitches. Was a bit sore in certain positions and I think it took about 6 weeks to feel totally normal again (if not better and after ten years together thats something I wasn't expecting!) The only problem now seems to be finding the time without baby Stanley around!x
  • hi
    we tried at 3 and a half weeks and it was better than before.we didnt for the 9 months though and now my hubby cant keep his hands off me for more than 5 mins and even admits hes thinking about me naked in between.not complaining though lol x url=]

  • I am a real chicken hehe cause as much as i love sex i just could not even think about doingi it for nearly 3 months after giving birth.And i had a fantastic short labour with no tears so i dont know what psyched me out so much.xx
  • lol it'll be a year on boxing night for me so i am still waiting for the 'after baby' sex!!!! image xx
  • after justin and maya all was good first time which was when they were 4 weeks old bit strange for the first min or so but after that was was great.
    but charlie is 6 weeks now and havent yet as bleeding only just stopped and dont get my contraceptive injection till monday
  • Hi its been 13 weeks since lo was born and still cant pluck up the courage to look at myself down there let alone have sex. im such a wuss and just dont feel sexy.
    You girls have given me hope tho that it wont be so bad lol

  • we waited about 3 months before doin it and know my son is 8 months old and have only done it prob about 5 times. i had 3rd degree tare etc docs said wil hurt upto between 6 and 9 months and still hurts. never felt pain like it. so when i think we'll do it i back off coz all i can think about is the pain. feel sorry for my husband. the pain just scared me. also hurt even went to the toilet but that doesnt know so i think it'll be ok to have it ok but i keep putting it off.
  • I think im much more relaxed with my body since having lo but sex for me isnt as good as it was before lo was born!wont go into details lol but its just not the same!Boooooo!!!still enjoy it though!!
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