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SMA WySoy... I need advice on it, please!!

Hi ladies. After months of struggling with my poor Lo's constipation, projectile vomiting and nights spent thrashing around, crying out and having nightmares, the Doc has finally decided that she has an intolerance to cow's milk and has prescribed WySoy.
I was so relieved to finally have them agree there was something wrong and that I wasn't just a neurotic Mum! I started Lo on the new milk yesterday and last night was as though I had a different baby! She only woke once, at 3am, and went straight back down after her bottle with none of the flailing of arms and legs and moaning that we usually have after a nightime bottle.
And then I decided to do some research on WySoy and I'm petrified!! It seems to be all horror stories of rotten teeth and impending infertility for my Lo! Apparently the milk is alleged to contain a form of Progesterone that is at the level of taking several contraceptive pills a DAY!!
Does anyone know if this is all true? Is there an alternative that I could ask my Doc for?

Oh, and please, before anyone should pull up a soapbox and tell me I wouldn't have this problem if I breastfed, believe me, I tried! I persevered for 6 weeks of feeding for one hour, off the breast for 2 hours and then on for 1 hour abgain. Lo had colic (Which breastfed babies aren't supposed to get) and then it was discovered I was only producing 2oz a feed and she was trying so desperately to get more she was just taking in air! My milk dried up within 24 hours as I was producing so little. I was very upset and felt enough of a failure then so, please do not judge me for HAVING to give my Lo formula. Thanks

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  • Hi,

    My dd had to have sma wysoy- she is now 4 and my ds2 is now on it as well. Personally I don't read up on these things coz at the end of the day the doctor isn't going to prescribe anything which is so harmful without warning you of the risks- and i have never heard of it.

    Perhaps its just a very small percentage that this has happened with or maybe its just a coincidence. Did the research even tell you how many cases were studied and when it was carried out? It may be that only a small number of ppl were monitered or that the research was carried out years ago and the product could have been improved by now.

    All those scare stories really annoy me- one day we are being told not to eat red meat, the next all is ok, for years pregnant women were told not to eat nuts now thats more or less ok too, years ago pregnant women were even told smoking done the baby no harm.

    As for the tooth decay bit my dd has beautiful white teeth so wysoy didn't do hers any harm.
  • Sweetie I don't have any advice about the formula but I just wanted to say that I don't think anyone will have a go at you for not bfing. As far as I know we are just not like that on here. Apart from anything you would almost certainly have had the same problem if you were bfing as the cows milk proteins can be passed on to the baby via breast milk.
    If you are not happy with the milk prescibed I would go back to your doctor and explain your concerns. Ask him to explain why he has prescribed that milk and ask him about the progesterone in the milk. Hope you get it sorted,
  • hi

    my eldest son is 12 and he was on wysoy milk with no probs what so ever no bad teeth or anything..

    ive had 5 kids,twins on the way never breastfed any its not just for me.

    my youngest son is 2 and 7mths also just come off wysoy no probs with teeth etc...

    mandy x
  • noone will judge you for not bf.

    and as bedhead said - it is likely that you would have enountered this problem bf as well, as the proteins are similar.

    With regards to the formula - if you're unsure about it go back to your docs and ask them to explain why they prescribed this one, and if there are any known health effects that go with it, but i doubt they would prescribe something that was going to harm your lo.

    Finally, STEP AWAY FROM GOOGLE!!!!!

    Its a nasty search engine with nasty horror stories on it!

    Hope you can speak to someone soon who can allay any fears you have.
  • Hi hun

    I don't think the dr would prescribe it if it would be harmful to your LO. Soya milk is associated with infertility but as far as I'm aware its a rare side effect and only in boys. xxx
  • My lo was lactose intollerant (pleased to say that after the milk challenge at 1 year she has grown out of it).
    My GP prescribed soya formula and we found it helped but caused lo to be constipated, when I told the hv she was not very impressed and said the problem was that GP's can't keep up with everything but that they should no longer give soya to under 6 month olds, she did allow lo to continue on it for a while as it is apparently worse for boys ( I don't think it isd dangerous just a small percentage had problems with fertilty or something).
    The constipation would not go and eventually after trying normal formula and going back to all the old symptoms the hv got me an appointment with a dietician and wrote to the GP and got them to prescribe Nutramigen.
    Try discussing it with your hv and see what they think or return to your GP and tell him what you have learnt and been told about soya formula and Nutramigen.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks everyone. I'm seeing the weaning nurse tomorrow and I will have a chat to her about my worries.
    At least I will be armed with facts from you kind ladies and not just scaremongering from Google! Lol
  • My son is on Wysoy, but it's not agreeing with him so we're now looking at perhaps a gluten/wheat intolerance.  He wasn't born with it, he was breastfed until he was 9 months old.  It only started after a course of antibiotics for a chest infection - so don't beat yourself up about it.  It can happen to anyone.

    Just wanted to say though about the infertility.  I have a consultant dietician looking after us, and he confirmed that, although, yes, if you had a room of 100 men and tested their hormone levels, you would be able to tell which one had been brought up on soya milk - but ONLY if they had been taking it from birth and it doesn't necessarily cause any infertility, it's just a noticeable difference in hormone levels.  He said, it's hardly worth mentioning, but they are bound by informing parents, even though it's minimal.

  • omg <a style="color: #0099e9; font-family: Arial, helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 24px;" href="">icecreamloverpissedoffwithBE</a> is so right do step away from Google! It can convince you of anything! And I totally agree nobody will have a go re bf! Go speak to your health visitor and also your gp and get their take on things, also share with them what youve learned so they can put your mind at ease xx

  • This is a very old thread but seeig as there are some more recent comments...

     My son has both dairy and soya allergies.  Apparently most babies who can't have milk also can't have soya so I would remove that before the wheat/gluten aspect.

    is a good site to give advice on this. 

  • It is oestrogen that is contained in soya, but this is at very small level and would not pose an implication untl, puberty, and then would have to be in far greater levels than that found in soya milk alone. In addition, oestrogen is a hormone and hormones are made of proteins, proteins are denatured by the treatment process that is used to dehyrate the product. Do make sure that you brush babies teeth when they come through, as soya milk contains, non-milk extrinsic sugars that can rot the teeth if not brushed adequately, but only to the same degree that fruit can damage the teeth. If your baby is happy be happy and know that by removing the dairy at an early stage you are actually giving the gut a chance to reduce it's sensitivity to dairy meaning that you are more likely to be able to introduce it agan at a later date, therefor reducing the soya contents of the diet. x

  • Hi, I was told yesterday by a paed consultant that they think my 19 week old daughter has a cows milk intolerence. We have been put on SMA Wysoy. The Dr said if anyone mentioned about infertility she said don't worry its old stuff and theres new thoughts about it out now.  

    I too was unable to breast feed as i didn't produce any breast milk, i tried and tried and tried as i was desperate but couldn't and people do judge but as long as your reasons suit you and your family thats all that matters. Good luck x

  • Dear Readers,

    I know that I am a few months behind, but your post came to my attention and I've written this blog post about my experience. I was lactose intolerant as a baby, and I was given SMA Wysoy which caused me to go into puberty early, and caused several problems which still affect me 24 years later.

    I have written extensively about my experience here:

    I hope this helps some of you to at least become aware of some of the things that can happen when a child is given high doses of soya milk in infancy.

  • we were on nutramiggen and swopping to wysoy due to `weaned 1 yr old hating smell

  • I was on this from birth to 12 years old. I never had any problems, teeth have always been great and fell pregnant extremely easy with both my girls! I have no concerns about my girls being on it, both breastfed for a year first. They love it image
  • I am a Dad , sorry I don't fit the profile but my experience with Wysoy goes back 32 years when my daughter changed to bottle from breastfeeding, flailing arms, crying not sleeping etc and then after Wysoy we had a different child, slept and had no problems. She is now 32 has two children, a full set of teeth and both have had problems with milk feeds, the second one is 10 weeks old and has now just gone on to Wysoy. Brilliant! no problems, sleeping etc but her Dr has advised a change to Nutramigen, again the same problem free feeding etc.

    My son is 30 years of age and was immediately prescribed Wysoy. Likewise no long term issues.

    So this is the long term effects (or lack of)

  • Hi all I have switched my baby to Sma why soya from aptimal as he was not taking his ftaking taking  a few sps then going stiff , could hear his tummy gergaling with each mouthfall, could take almost an hour to take a bottle. not sleeping and crying alot. Since switching to this milk he has become very constipated and still not feeding properly. i have been to the doctors and am waiting for the results to see if he has any intolerances.  My question is what to do about the constipation as he literally screams when he is going for a poo and I have to help him push it out his little bum ( sorry if too much detail).  Do I try another brand of soya milk or another brand of cows milk formula as both have caused him the same indigestion problems?.



  • Hello... just be careful with the sma soya milk cos it's got loads of sugar in my nearly two years old daughter has lost her teeth due to the amount of sugar in the milk... PLEASE BE CAREFUL. ..I dont want other baby or toddlers going thought want my.little.girl went though

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