age question - jumperoo and Phil & Teds.

hi, i bought a second hand jumperoo (bargin, 6 months old for ??40) but no instructions so was wondering what age it is suitable for. It is a christmas present for Molly so she will be 3 months old then.

Also what age can you put a baby in the back tandem seat of a phil & teds rather than the cocoon? Molly is really long and is already nearly the length of the cocoon so defo won't last her till 6 months!

Thanks x


  • Dont know about the jumperoo, but the phil and teds you can put them in the seat as long as it is reclined from birth. I have one and I didnt buy the cocoon, I bought the cozy toes and used that so I didnt have to put Isaac directly on to the seat.
  • Molly is the same, i think it will be a god send!!!

    Zach, is getting the talking Iggle Piggle which i have refused to buy for months cos it was too expensive for what it was but it went half price at Tesco so wasn't too bad. He is also getting my first drum kit from toys r us (which was also half price!). These are from us and then he gets a stocking full from Santa - Wall-e DVD, slipper socks, little green soldiers (toy story), chocolate Santas, chocolate coins, Wall-e pants (toilet training in the new year!) and a few other bits and bobs.

    How about Ashton? He'll be a fab age this year, Zach helped me decorate the tree but doesn't really know what's going on or who Santa is.

  • Thanks Hayley, that's brill!

    I have a buggysnuggle for her so she'll be nice and cosy. We have the new sport Phil & Teds so the seat does recline. Was worrying cos she is so long and thought she had to be 6 months but will convert the buggy in the new year as she still just fits in the cocoon now and looks sooooo cosy!

  • hi weve got a jumperoo an they reccomend 25lbs is the heaviest weight really xx
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