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My daughter Amelia is nearly 12 weeks and EBF. She was only 5lb 15 oz born and so follows a low growth curve - however her weight gain has averaged at around 10 oz a fortnight until yesterday when I took her for a weigh in and she had only gained 1oz in 2 weeks. She has only dropped slightly below the 2nd centile line that she was following but it still bothers me that it was such a small gain. The HV wants me to take her in again next week to see if shes gained anymore.

Has anyone ever experienced such a small gain? Is it a problem? She seems happy enough, has plenty of wet and dirty nappies and sleeps for 6-9 hrs in a block at night.

Any experiences/advice welcome!



  • Hello. I find the whole weight gain thing a bit random to be honest.... my little one is 18 weeks and also ebf. He has dropped from the curve but on average puts on about 4oz a week. Some weeks he has put on nothing or 1 oz and then suddenly puts on 6 oz another week.

    I wouldn't worry to much and if she is happy with lots of wet nappies then that is fab and well done for keeping going with breast feeding.

    I now only have Freddie weighed once every 3/4 weeks xxxx
  • keep and eye on her but dont worry. weight gain isnt an exact science.
  • I was also worried about this as I took my Lo 5weeks to get weighed as she is still only drinking 3oz every 3-4 hours and was shocked she had only put on 5oz in 2weeks. I have been trying to get her to drink more but I just can't so I think if your lo is happy try not to worry too much I no it's hardci am in the same boat chin up I am sure your lo will gain more this week xx
  • HI sorry i've gc my little girl is 15 wks (11 corrected) she was 5lb4oz at birth and is now only 8lb 5oz , but she is a very happy conternted baby maybe they just are slower growers thats all
  • Hey Hun. I think the main thing is that lo is gaining weight no matter how small for the moment. Bf babies will cross over centile lines for the first months before settling down eventually. I would try not to worry to much yet. Lots of wet and pooey nappies are a good sign that things are going well. Also if your lo wasn't getting enough then you'd know as she'd be crying etc...
    I would continue as you are for now and get her weighed again in 2 weeks time and just keep an eye on her. It sounds to me like you are doing an excellent job, well done! Xx
  • Alfie only had small weight gains and was constantly dropping centiles, but as long as he was gaining weight I was happy. However now at 7 months he's making up for it and doing really well. He's now doing the opposite and going up a centile each time lol
  • Hi all

    Thanks for your replies - they made me feel a lot better.

    We're just back from the clinic and DD has put on 3 oz this week so I'm a lot happier. She also rolled over for the first time on Saturday so she is clearly quite happy and developing well.

    Thanks again

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