what ever happened to ...

mummy emilie (and sam) they were always on here, anybody know??


  • ive no idea, havent seen her on here in aggges! shes on my msn but never seems to reply when i write to her image x
  • or Redpod member her? x
  • i believe emily posted in toddler last week or the week before, but i may be mistaken? x
  • Weren't Emily and her OH trying to get a place on their own with Sam?

    Maybe she has and hasnt got internet connection yet!
  • I think they had found a house so yes they could have moved - I hope so as she desperately wanted to.
  • I hadn't heard from Emilie or Redpod either, they used to be on loads too. Hope they're both OK x
  • I think emilie posts in toddler now & again. Hope she managed to move ok!

    Does anyone remember Ivana? It was quite a long while ago she posted but I was wondering where she went? In fact there are quite a few old regulars that seem to have disappeared.
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