A new year's pondering.....

I was chatting with few friends over the last couple of days who were telling me what they had gotten up to at midnight of the year change.... (one was partying, another was asleep, and a third was 'spending time with OH' ;\) )

They all seemed to be of the opinion that what you were doing at the very moment the clock changed had an effect on the whole year ahead....
What do you think? Looking back at previous new years, can you see any link between what you were doing at midnight to the whole year? Thinking about what you were doing this time, would you want it to be a reflection of what will happen throughout this year???

(for me nope! Hubby woke me up with his stinky feet in my face messing around as I'd fallen asleep on the couch around 10pm :lol: Don't want stinky socks in my face all year, although with the second on the way it may be what happens.... )

What do you think? Load of codswollop or some truth behind it? image



  • Not sure, we always seem to see in the new year watching crap on TV!!! That's probably quite a good description of what we'll do for the rest of the year though so maybe it is true :lol:
  • OH and me stayed in watching TV and watched Elton Johns party! We watch TV in the evenings most nights so no link for me!!

  • We went out to a local pub which is normally lovely - food was crap, wait times were dire (it wasn't any busier than a 'normal' night) and I was plonked right next to the most random pub singer ever who was sooo loud. Angus went to sleep in protest!!!

    Does that mean we are destined for a year of rubbish meals?!?!?! Hope not, we love eating out!

  • I was out clubbing with a few mates!

    I very much doubt I will be doing that all year, can't afford it! xx
  • i suppose it might work, we usually spend NYE with my nan but we stayed in cuz it was too cold to take JJ out so we put him to bed and watched TV with a tin of Quality Street...i think we'll be doing that all year lol (well, maybe not the Quality Street thing, i'll be huge by the time i get married!!!) :lol: x
  • I'd say there could be a link...
    we stayed in last NYE and watched tv, and spent the best part of our nights together last year watching tv - so there is a link there.... this time i was asleep until hubbys foot came near me and I think with no2 on the way i'll be spending most of my nights asleep by 10pm for the next year.... :lol:

    Hmm....... :lol:

  • When it turned 2008 i was out at my first EVER nye party (never usually bother) partying my bum off, getting drunk. The next week i found out i was pregnant, spent the next 6 months in bed/hospital with hyperemesis, so no link there! This year i was asleep lol, am hoping there may be a link there, as i would LOVE some more sleep! But i'm doubting it... xx
  • This year I saw in the new year trying to console my teething/poorly Neve who spent 11.30-1.30 screaming! Last year I was up because I was three days away from having Neve and too huge and uncomfortable to sleep - I see a connection lol!
  • Same as Lottie and Neve! We were trying to console Lily (she gets wind after every feed, but only really cries about it just before we go to bed.

    I fear there might well be a link!
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