time to stop dream feed?

I give my Lo, who's 19wks a dream feed at 10.30pm on a night. He usually takes about 5-7oz, but on a morning, about 7-7.30am he's never interested in his bottle and will only take about 3oz. Then I end up feeding him again about 9.30am.

Is it time to stop dream feeding or time to stop giving him the bottle on a morning and just give him a bowl of apple and pear with rice which he loves?

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  • Sorry i did reply to this but BE ate it!

    Personally i'd drop the dream feed and increase the morning bottle as it's more important and helps get your day off to a good routine if lo has a nice full tummy.

    We're dropping the dream feed with my son at the moment, he's taking less and less in the morning and is protesting at being gotten up at night, so we're reducing the amount every few nights (if he goes through to morning, if he doesnt then we stick at the amount until he does) until we get down to about 2/3oz, then we'll drop it all together x
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  • I think JamDonut's idea sounds best as you want to make sure that LO is still getting enough milk in the morning. At 19 weeks he needs milk first thing in the morning for his calcium intake.
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