VERY noisy lo

does anyone else have a really noisy baby?

grace is sooo loud, we go to baby club and she is the one shouting her head off, she has always been the same. i have been around friends babies lately and they all seem really quiet and have commented on grace.



  • She's just a very vocal baby. Charlotte has always been vocal.

    It's your lo's way of expressing herself so leave her to it! I bet your friends babies aren't really that quiet when you are not around lol!
  • i think its fab she has such a funny personality.

  • bless, you've probably got a little chatterbox in the making there!

    Louise tends to be quieter at groups than she is at home. She goes shy, bless her.
  • finley never shuts hes goin through a screamin im always goin sorry, sorry, he will be quiet soon. he never i just think hel be a right chatterbox and at least he wont be shy-i have no idea where he gets that
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