Helping A Livewire To Self Settle!

How on earth do you teach a livewire 10 month old to self settle? :roll:

Hannah was always a good sleeper, we would put her down awake and she would kick for a bit before falling asleep. Since she has been able to pull herself up, it's all gone out of the window. We put her down on her back, but she will roll straight over on to her tum. Which is fine as she prefers to sleep on her front now. But as soon as you put her down, she will roll over, then stand up. As she can now stand without pulling herself up, it's even worse as she stands there clapping herself! We have tried laying her down, but she stands back up again. We have tried leaving her, but she just stands there chattering, and then gets overtired.

We have taken to walking/rocking her to sleep, but this cant be a long term solution. I am pregnant with number 2, and am already finding it difficult as she weighs a ton!

Any experience? Is it something she will grow out of?


  • Have you tried putting her in a sleeping bag? My lo is 16 months old, we took him out of the bag when the weather got warmer and he started doing the same as your daughter-he's back in his bag now,he can stand up in it but it takes alot more effort so he looses interest quicker.

    Otherwise, i think the only thing you can do is ignore her and when she gets upset,go in,lie her down say 'sleepytime'(or words to that affect!). May take a long time at first but hopfully she'll get the idea before number 2 arrives xx
  • Thanks for your reply image She has always been in a sleeping bag, she can still stand up like lightning with it on. If we leave her in her room, she can undo the poppers and wiggle out of it, so I was thinking about starting to use blankets.
  • Oh boy-you have got a livewire on your hands! All I can offer is luck! Fingers crossed she grows out of the habit!x
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