How dissapointing :(

After all the excitment this morning I have just done another test (same brand) and it was negative. It must have been the most convincing evaporation line I've ever seen.

Thanks for everyones relies, it just wasnt our time unfortunately x x x


  • Oh no!!!!! I was just about to reply to your post to say congrats!

    Never mind hun, keep trying & hopefully you'll catch soon.
    We're trying as well so I'll blow lots of baby dust over us :\)

  • try a cbd. Like the others said you cant really have false +. xx xx
  • i tested again this morning and there was no line at all :cry:
    this is the last time im using asda cheap tests cus there is no way im getting another false positive/evaporation line. u girls all saw it! it was pink and looking very positive

    oh well, thanks for everyones kindness and lovelyness, i feel so silly now for posting about an evpaporation line :roll:
  • dont feel silly babe, still try a cbd or take a pee sample into ur chemist and let them test it for you. if not enjoy more baby dancing!!! xx
  • Don't feel silly at all, the test should have worked properly , I would have get excited to x Hope you get your BFP soon.
  • thanks hunnies. hope ur both ok. af is due on tue so if she doesnt come i will test again x
  • I can't believe it - that test read positive, no doubt about it. Had heard bad things about Asda tests but now I've seen it with my own eyes I'll never buy one! Are you going to test again with a different brand in a few days?

  • I know, it said on the pack 4 days early so I assumed they would be sensitive enough to be trusted? Silly me! I am going to use a first response. I got a very clear positive with sam with one when I was pregnant with him and only needed to test once. My oh was unsure of the line thank goodness he told me I should test again to be sure!! I looked up the reviews on asda preg tests on yahoo answers etc and alot of people said that if asda tests were right they would have been pregnant 100s of times! nasty nasty evaporation line :cry: ive read stories of ladys getting evaporation lines and i was so sure this wasnt because it was pink :/( im a bit dissapointed but i believe whats for you wont pass you by so hopefully we might get a christmas bfp :/) xx
  • soory to read this, fingers crossed you get good news soon!
  • Yes - the fact that it was the same width as the control line AND pink made me sure it wasn't an evap line! How rude. Fingers crossed for your Xmas BFP.
  • Oh no. Lots more BD for you to do then. I said you made me broody again in your original post and then I went to Mamas & Papas and it got even worse!!! Fingers crossed for you x
  • thanks ladies, me too xxx
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