Crying,whinging (me & lo!) selfish rant

Well to start off I have yet another bout of sickness & diarhhea (sp?). I had a 24hr bug last Sunday too. Was up at 1.30 this morning deciding whether I should sit on the loo or hang my head over it!!
At least last bug I had was at weekend so could lie in bed whilst oh had Charlotte. He's gone into work I feel terrible. Lo did horrible poo earlier so had to change it whilst having spare nappy bag in case threw up again! She's been awful this morning - crying & whinging no matter what. She's scratched me down my face so got 2 horrible scratch marks! Had to put her down for a nap early before I go insane - sounds like she's gone off though. She had mmr on Tuesday and may be teething again so I know she can't help it but feeling really rough doesn't help. Got loads of jobs to do today - sort out some insurances, do loads of washing & ironing and I want to go to bed. Suppose I could whilst she naps but I know I wont sleep as my mind is racing with everything I have to do!

Sorry - just had to rant, silly post!


  • Hey hun,
    Stuff all your jobs and get to bed babe you need some rest!! If you feel better later you can tackle the jobs but you can't look after a lo if you're unwell too. Take care and I hope you both feel better really soon xx
  • Aww hun i hate being ill and not having any help around its so hard looking after a poorly baby and yourself, I feel for you
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