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baby shaking head

Finlay is just over 7.5 months and is learning something new every day!

but i noticed the other week he kept tilting head to one side - didnt look to bother him but when at docs i asked him to check... he said he did have wax but it was loose so it will come out and to leave it!

but over the last couple of days ive noticed he keeps shaking his head as if saying NO but obviously he isnt... especially as i never shake my head he cant be copying me!!!

im wondering could it be his ears bothering him or something??? or tiredness perhaps... or something else???



  • My boy does exactly the same thing (head tilt) didnt really think anything of it but may go docs now you said that!! x
  • Don't know if this helps but Neve was doing a similar thing but lots of nodding instead so I took her to the doctors - she said that she is fine and at this age babies just like doing different things and the nodding probably just makes her head feel funny! She now nods back at her teddies if you make them nod at her - very funny
  • I really really don't want to worry you, but with your post about Fin's eyes this made me think.. tilting head to one side can be a sign of lazy eyes - its something I used to do a lot and still do if I'm not paying attention and i also knew someone else who used to do it too. Probably best to mention it when you see the paed just to be on the safe side. have you got an appt through yet?

    hope fin is ok though
  • Just to add... cause I really don't want to worry you - but that wouldn't have occured to me at all if you hadn't posted about your dads gf bringing up lazy eyes..
  • thank you - think i'm going to ring doc as like you said now we've had fil etc saying theyve noticed a lazy eye its a bit more of concern!! hoping he's just learnt to do it and thats it!!!

    got pead appointment through to check legs and feet 26th August at hospital, day before i go back to work!!!

    so can always ask then - but i'll worry so prov see doc before then

  • phoned docs but moody receptionist was sooo unhelpful saying all the docs are busy and i'll have to make appointment - anyway thought id ring hv and see what she says ... shes crap by the way!

    thank god she was on holiday and so rang another hv somewhere else, she was soooo nice said about lazy eye and she said take him to next clinic and they'll be able to do little test with a light, but she said my hyv should of picked it up at his 7-9 month development appointment (which she didnt) also said that the head shaking is most likely something he has learnt so he'll do it for while randomly then move on to something else, but she said normally they'd say check for ear infection but doc already did that!!

    anyway cant see hv this week but will go next week and see what they say!

  • Don't know if itcould be a developmental thing but, Maddy has been doing it too for the last couple of days. It's as though she is trying to put her ear on her shoulder. She's been doing it more today and I noticed she was doing it everytime she swallowed a mouthful of her dinner. I've been poo-pooing the idea of an ear infection as she hasn't shown any sign of pain or distress but I'm getting a bit worried about it now. She has her 7-8 month check on Friday so, I'll let you know if they say anything that's different to what you've been told.
  • wicked thank you - yeah thats what he started doing for a while but now its gone to actually like he's shaking his head (like we say no) cant se hv till next thursday so can you let me know what they say!

  • sam is a almost 10 months and has been doing this for awhile now.its not a head tilt but an actual proper head shake! he only does it when he doesnt want something im feeding him :lol: clever babies!
  • Hiya Star11. I decided not to wait til friday and took Maddy to see the doc today. Ears are all fine and she thinks it's to do with her teething. Apparently, as the teeth work their way up through the jaw and gums, they can sometimes 'tickle' nerve endings which give Lo's a strange sensation. Strange!!!
  • oh wow thanks missis i'm sure thats what it is with fin! i'll be taking him to hv to get weighed next thursday so going to get her to check his eyes and ask about the head shaking...

  • Fab... Keep us posted! XXX
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