out of hours gp??

other than actyually dying, does anyone have any idea how you are meanmt to get a gp out to see children!!!
both my girls have croup symptons, one is 5 and asthmatic and the other is just 6 months old!
what the hell are they paid for and why are they refusing to come out???

a very sad and upset wannababy x


  • i thought they were supposed to come out?? when ds1 was only a week he had a cyst on his ear and the dr ctually said he would come out rather than me going to him (could have also been as he knew i was so sick after he was born)
  • its stupid! if they werent poorly i would definatly have better things to do on a lovely sunny saturday evening!!
    I am so angry, this country is falling apart, it does say something when there are poorlychildren who are being refused to have a doctor come to them yet I have to drag them both 8 miles to the flaming doctor whilst he sits there drinking his coffee!!
    My mum is know driving a 20mile trip to me to then help me take them to the doctor as they really do need to be seen!
    no wonder people dial 999!!
  • i'm not sure either, eitrehr it's nto srious enough for them to come out or they say its too serious and to go to hospital, not sure what they actually do other than telephone consultations, did u tell him u don't have transport? as the on call doctor is supposed to be for those who can't get to the out of hours clinics. is a joke really, as seems to be no ground where the doctor comes out. hope ur girls are better asap, and perhaps put a complaint in to ur gp next week x
  • thats bad hun.

    I know how you feel though. When Tyler had a high temp that I couldnt bring down a nasty cough & a rash all over the Dr wouldnt come out. I was 8 months pg & had to drag him & the other 2 (3 & 4) out with me It was a bloody nightmare!

    I really hope the girls are feeling better soon hun (((big hugs))) xxxxx
  • Wondered if you'd post on here. Have a good rant, and hopefully it'll make you feel a bit better. The dr is obviously enjoying the sunshine too much. Unfortunately a lot of them don't like to be told what you think/know to be wrong with your children. That is absolutely no excuse not to come out to see a 5yr old with asthma, which makes her at higher risk, and a baby. Focus on your girls at the moment, and let them be examined etc. That's obviously your priority. But definitely complain, you know what the symptoms are as your eldest has had it before, and you felt you weren't taken seriously. Update when they've been seen please. xx
  • Hi, hope your kids are ok. My son had croup and was admitted to hosp and kept for 2 days. Phone nhs 24 and see what they say, failing that, take them to a @ e!!!

    Gemm x
  • My mum came and we took them to see the doctor. (oh there were 2 doctors there and not one other person waiting to be seen!!)
    anyway Katelyn (my 5 year old) has a raging chest infection and croup so she is now on antibiotics and steriods and Lizzie, 6 months, has tonsilitis (sp?) and is now also on antibiotics.
    I knew they were poorly but at least now they should get better with the medication.
    I think its going to be a long night as its almost 9:15 and they are not yet in bed!
    I did see a different doctor to the one who was really rude on the phone to me and he was a very helpful doctor.
    Glad they have been seen and thank you for all the messages on here and fb.
    I think it will take more than 1 complaint to make a blind bit of difference-i mean who am i to have a say in how things will go, i am only a tax payer!
  • aw sorry the girls are so sick at the same time hope they are feeling better soon xxx dont know what your drs are playing at!
  • It wasnt my doctors it is the out of hours emergency care service (use to just be out of hours gp)
    I think alot of people are having problems getting to see a doc out of hours. I hate calling them out of hours, like most people but i would have thought it would be obv that they were poorly if i was ringing in the middle of the day on a saturday.
    anyway ive had a good rant (sorry if ive ruined anyones sat night,lol)
    and now i hope my girls start feeling better soon.
    and they have both fallen asleep now,yay!! image
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