1 year old eating problems


My ds is nearly 1 and we have never had any problems with feeding. I bf for 5 1/2 months, weaning was a dream and we haven't looked back. Now he pretty much eats the same as us. Only exception is breakfast and 5/6 days he has baby specific cereal and as a treat he has weetabix on a sat image There is nothing he wont eat and has a very healthy appetite, often when I pick him up from nursery I am told he has had 2nds or even 3rds at lunch time lol...

Anyway the last week or so he has started being really fussy. He wont eat breakfast just spits it out, he didn't eat lunch 1 day this week at nursery and has been very fussy with his tea, playing with it rather than eating..he still has his milk etc.. and snacks but wondered if anyone else had had this? Is it just a transition?

Any help would be appreciated


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  • Hi, My lo is 16 months and since he was about a year we have had real issues with getting food into him. He eats like a dream at nursery but evenings and weekends are a nightmare with feeding. We found that he want to feed himself - at nursery they let him sit at a table like a big boy and feed himself (with a little help) so we have been letting him feed himself and it was working but this last week or so we are back to him not eating anything but Im pretty sure he has teeth coming through and a sore mouth which is why he is like this again. We also don't offer a pudding if he doesn't eat tea. Sometime 30-60mins after tea Ill off some fruit but not at the table so that he doesn't associate it with tea... Its really hard when the dont eat but my lo is a good sleeper so I know he is getting enough. If he were to start waking during the night I would get a little more worried and offer more food...Try and stay calm when feeding and dont make a fuss about it image

    Good Luck... Emma
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