Hungry baby?!

Hey ladies,
My lo is 4 weeks old, he is on 5oz every 2 hours max, sometimes he is hungrey after an hour!! He won't take any more than 5oz at a time (his little tummy is to small) I give him cooled boiled water in between feeds to try spread them out but it doesn't have any effect.
Has anyone got any advice on how to fill him up or make him go longer, is he too young for hungry baby milk? Going to see the health visitor tomorrow so will ask her too, but know there is always brilliant advice on here too.

steph and hungrey Harrison!

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  • How does he sleep at night? How is his weight?

    Personally, I dont like hungry baby milk, because it basically fills them up without giving any additional nutritional benefit (kind of like an anorexic eating toilet paper!) so it is fab if your baby is getting very overweight, or if you are certain he really doesn't need the extra milk - but it is a tough decision, and personally I would always talk it through with your HV first, (which you arre doing anyway!)

    If he sleeps well at night, then avoid it like the plague!!!! Because it will probably make him want to feed more in the night, to make up for the feeds he missed during the day!

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks, I didn't know that about hb milk! He is better at night, goes 3 hours between feeds. He was 10lb 1 last week (8 11 born). I'll have a chat with hb tomorrow.
  • Hope your HV suggests something - you must be shattered!
    Maybe you could do HB milk at night, and let him feed lots in the day if he wants to.
  • Thanks for that. I hate it when hv make you feel like a bad mum! Mine said it might cause constipation etc but in the end the choice is mine. Think I'm going to swap him over and see how it goes, he wanted bottles every hour from 4 this morning!!
  • One of my twins was like that,I was breastfeeding but had to stop after 4 weeks as they wanted more milk than I coudl make! Ethan was constantly after the formula,my HV used to tell me off as he was having twice as much as he should in a day. I did try hungry baby milk but for us it didn't work,he started wanting feeds even more often! Def give it a go though.

    In the end he started easing off the feeds,at around 3/4 months I think. Mind you,they were both still waking in the night every 3 hours for feeds until 6 months! But both are now fully weaned and only on 12oz of milk a day (at 8 months) and although they are bigger than average all over their weight is fine.

    Good luck,and trust me,this phase doesn't last forever! x
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