surgey for reflux

hi, has anyone's baby or child had surgery for their reflux. been told today that zac needs surgery as he's getting worse with his reflux. he has stopped feeding orally due to his throat been raw and has lost loads of weight. he's not eaten since november!! i know he needs it doing and it's for the best, but i'm naturally worried. he's only 10 months. we thought his reflux was mostly undercontrol and he had the odd sicky day but his ph study shows it's far from under control, he just hasn't been complaining much with it, i guess he's just grown used to the pain except when he's having a really bad day. i'm just so glad i begged his consultant for the test!
what i want to know is how long was recovery and if anyones child still refluxs after the op.


  • not mine but my friends did, where her little one was just a few weeks old and it all went really well, her little girl is now 2 years old and coudnt be doing better x
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