Dolly Recommendations Please

My LO loves her friend's dolly - I think it might be an Annabell (maybe?) and I'd like to get her one of her own for her 1st birthday.

I've looked in ToysRUs and there are literally MILLIONS!

Can anyone recommend one for her? I really don't know what's what in the dolly world, but I'm a sucker for all the stuff that comes with them - buggies, car seats, slings etc...

If however you think that one is too young for a dolly, please also say because I was wondering if we should hold off until baby number 2 arrives (so she has a baby and Mummy has a baby) which will hopefully be in about a year from now.

Thanks ladies.

B x


  • We bought Abby a my first baby annabelle doll for her first birthday and she LOVES it. (it wasn't very expensive - only about ??10) She also has a cheapy dolls pushchair, which she also loves, but she doesn't tend to put 'baby' in it, she prefers to stomp up and down pushing the empty pushchair! image
  • I've bought lil one a baby born two in one which splashes when you put her in bath with DD and walks if you hold her hands! It's great. For Christmas she is getting a baby annabell brother, and three my first cuddles dollies from telco. They are soft bodied dolls and are really good value for money. I've also bought a gorgeous doll for 15 from bay that comes with a blanket spare outfit and carry case. I also got a cheap stroller for the telco one from telco but you can buy minature versions of nearly any buggy if you like.

    I definitely don't think she's too young for. Dolly though, DD is only eight months and she loves the baby born one...after she had her face washed and teeth brushed in bath last night she tried to wash dolly and brush her teeth, cutesy thing ever! Lol xxx
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