did u feel like u had a full bladder when pregnant?

i have a feeling of a full bladder a lot of the time, and when i go to loo not much seems to come out (TMI sorry)...is this normal? is it the baby lying on my bladder or is this not very common and maybe a infection????

I thought it was normal until i saw a post in pregnancy forum. This is my first baby so not sure wht to expect.

K 26+2


  • i felt like i was always on the toilet. i used to go, walk so far and need to go again!!! now i can go all day without going!!!!
  • i felt like that. i still do in fact!!!lol.xxx
  • Yes hun, I felt like I was desperate, would get there and only go a tiny tiny bit.
    It does get worse as well I'm afraid. As Queen Bee says, unless you have pain, I'm sure its just baby lying on or near your bladder,
    Oh the joys.......!

  • Oh yes!!! Very normal!!!
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