for those whos LOs have C&G comfort.

Hi ladies. A Q fo a family member. Her LO is on C&G comfort for reflux. She has really dark, runny (and very smaelly) nappies. Is this normal? Thankyou xx


  • Yes!! My friend used this and had exactly the same. I also used it for 5 days on the hv advice but changed back as my lo didn't need it and it did stink!!!! The formula is to help constipation as well so their nappies will be a lot runnier!!! It is completely normal.
  • My lo was on C & G Comfort until very recently. It worked very well for her colic. Her nappies were generally green & could be quite runny. As Little Miss L says, it does also help constipation, so this could cause it. We were advised to expect green, explosive nappies initially.

    I know Cow & Gate have a website that have advisors on, who you can chat to on-line, or call them up. If you have any queries, you could always try this. I've always found them really helpful xx
  • thankkyou very much ladies I will tell her its normal xx

    p.s thanks for the link honeypops - I will pass it on. xx
  • My lo is on Aptamil comfort & is the same dark green runny poo's. I think they are made by the same company but when we tried the cow & gate he was a lot sicker as well. He had a few problems with constipation & colic. He seems a lot happier since we changed him over to this though. We have been using it now for about 6 weeks & its still the same now x x
  • so the comfort milks are for colic and not reflux? Her HV isnt very helpful aparently and just keeps saying its a ommon problem which isnt helpful to a first time mum. xx
  • Comfort milk can be used for both colic and reflux.
    Because it is thicker it stays down easier (in theory!)
    Serena X
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