hey mummies! just having a virtual scream, taking a deep breath before I go back to Charlie - im at a loss with what to do as he is just not settling! He had his bottle, bought up wind and is still really unsettled, he starts crying, then just becomes grizzly then goes back to crying. Tbh he never really seems settled, can't put him down to do anything as he screams to high heaven and takes hours to settle to sleep, when he does sleep it's not for long and wakes up grizzly or if he manages a decent sleep he wakes up and just screams for food straight away. I just want a happy, settled baby but its just not happening.

He had a feed at 5.30 and was really grizzly/crying for a good few hours, so offered him a little water, this settled him for all of ten mins then he started again, he fell asleep about 7.30 and woke 30 mins later screaming, had cuddle which helped but then he started again! he drifted of again and woke at 9.30 screaming for his bottle. he had 2 oz then fell asleep but i woke him by giving him a bath and then he had rest of his bottle and was settled for 20mins but has been awake since grizzling and crying - its now 11.15pm!!


  • have you tried a dummy? If not a dummy could you try baby massage to see if that helps to settle him at all...?
    Does he have a place where he will sleep (pram/ car?) that you can put him in for a bit to just gather yourself and get five mins without him grizzling.....

    how old is he? could he be teething? Maybe try a gel on his gums...? or a ml of calpol....

    sorry cant be much help hon, but ive been there and can understand how you just need to take 5 mins out nd scream or cry.

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