grrrr... Tax credits phone line!

Does anyone else get so mad with this line. I spent almost an hour yesterday trying to ring the line to tell them about a change in circumstances and again today and after getting through the options each time I am told 'sorry we are very busy....' and then cut off! It is driving me mad! arrrggghhhh! (and breathe!)


  • Yes its so annoying.. it wont even put you on hold yet makes you go through all the crap! What i did was write down what options i need so i can get to the bit i need in 20 seconds rather than 20 mins then when it does cut you off you dont feel as robbed :lol: xx
  • me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got lucky 3rd time and was on the phone for 1/2 hour!we dont have a land line so by the time i've paid my mob bill prob wont have been worth claiming! surely they could have an application pack request form online????!!!!
  • They used to do it all online but stopped it for some reason.
    A couple of years ago I gave up trying to get through to them on the phone and wrote to them with my change of circumstances intead. Then, as I had an overpayment, they wrote me a snotty letter saying it was my fault for writing a letter instead of phoning! At least I blooming told them!!
  • I'm through! Although now I'm on hold but I've made progress. That's just what I did MrsNoName, as after a couple of times going all the options I was getting so mad!
  • Grrrrr - don't even get me started!! They didn't send me a renewal pack so I had no choice but to phone them and I got the 'sorry we are very busy...' message about 20 times before I got through and was then on hold for 25 minutes! To add insult to injury they wouldn't then do my renewal because one of our income figures from the tax year before the one that's just ended was only an estimate so now I have to get that figure before ringing them back and going through the whole thing again!! x
  • haha, just on the phone to them now, and spotted this thread!
    Oh... brilliant. Just been cut off. xx
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