Brushing Teeth


Was just wondering when to start brushing Isobels teeth. Shes got 1 about a quarter of the way through and 1 just starting to break through the gum. Should I have started brushing/rubbing toothpaste on as soon as it appeared or do you wait until it is pretty much through completely?

Sorry if I sound a bit thick! Ive just had a bit of a panic that I should have started brushing and haven't got any toothpaste yet! xx


  • I waited till they were through completely. Gabe has 4 now and I haven't brushed em for ages!!! BAD ME! I must admit it's mil's fault as she said she never brushed them until they had loads. MUST. brush. Gabe's. teeth!!!xxx
  • We started Nathan when his 1st one appeared. Although to be honest he tends to just chew on his brush for a while rather than me really brushing them.
    Dont panic about not starting yet. As long as they arent having juice or sugary snacks their teeth will look after themselves well to a point anyway.

  • Phew panic over, thanks ladies for your advice xx
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