due date changes?

Ok I have just found a bit in my maternity notes about due dates etc.

When we got pregnant we worked out due date from dates etc at 23rd July then at my 12 week scan they changed date to 18th July which at the time I thought was fine but now as dates approach and going overdue etc looms I can see that this is actually a big difference in terms of time for bubs to cook.

Now in my notes I have found the following 'If the due date by scan and te due date by periods agree within seven days , then the due date by periods can be confirmed as your agreed due date'. So according to that I could ask for my agreed due date to be the 23rd - is that what you read it as too??? Do you think I should have already mentioned this or could I now???

Any ideas - no one has ever told me this before!!!


  • the hospital changed my due date by 1 day!! yes 1 day and they refused to budge on it at all and told me they will always go by scan with regards to being over due and inducing ect.
    you can speak to midwife and see what she says x
  • are you worried about early induction?
  • when you say you worked it our by dates, do you know when you ovulated? as if its going off lmp that can change.
  • Hi hun, if you are worried about baby being fully cooked, any time from 38 weeks is considered 'term', so even if lo decides to turn up before the eighteenth, it shouldn't be a problem. You have done so well getting to this point - I know how worried you were - but if you are worried, do ask your midwife, although I doubt they will change the date they work with at this stage.
  • I wouldn't worry too much about it but as THG says if you're worried talk to your midwife. You could always mention it anyway to put your mind at rest. I don't think it should really matter apart from if you were to be induced. The due date I worked out for my DD was 21st December and after scan it was changed to 15th December - now this date was impossible for me (due to periods etc..) but I just went with it. My baby arrived on 26th December (just - was almost xmas day!) and to be honest babies arrive only when they are ready! I hate that as that's what everyone told me but it's so true!!! If you were going to be induced but you didn't think you should be yet then I'd get them to double check it, they could presumably do a scan to check the size of the baby and they wouldn't induce you if they didn't think bubs was ready. As it only 5 days I wouldn't worry, especially now its so close. To be honest, I think due dates don't really mean a lot!! I sat moaning for a few weeks with a huge bump wanting my baby to come out and she came eventually!
    Good luck.
  • hey hun,
    this is why i always refer to J being bron at 36/37weeks. By our dates its 37weeks, but by her 12 week scan they changed the dates so she was born at 36weeks.

    I think the difference was 6days and the date stays on the notes. We didnt ahve out first scan until 14weeks which i ahve since been told is less accurate the longer you leave it past 12 weeks.

    Obviously it made a difference for us as it meant I had to stay in due to her being classed as a prem. However as you are 39weeks pregnant it shouldnt make any difference as from 37weeks onwards all babies are classed as term.

    You could always mention it to your mw if you are concerned about being given an induction at wat they considerr to be 42weeks when your dates show 41weeks.

    As me29 says, they should be able to tell by a scan if the baby is okay to be delivered or not.
    Try not to stress too much over it hun, if at all worried or concerned speak to your mw.
  • I think you'll find that the hospital will do what they want, when they want, and there won't be much you can do about it. My due date by LMP was 19 Dec but by scan was 21 Dec. As it was within a week (like you) they went by LMP for my whole pregnancy (as I was totally sure of my dates).

    However, when I went overdue and they couldn't book me for induction until 42+1 (instead of their policy of inducing no later than 41+6) THEN they changed my due date so that they were within their policy guidelines!! So ridiculous.

    At the end of the day due dates don't really mean diddly - they are only a guide and you should assume you could go two weeks either side. In France they apparently only give you a month within which you should deliver, rather than a specific day (don't know who told me that so it's probably wrong lol!).

    Try not to worry, everything will be fine. As it happens my stoopid hospital didn't even have beds available on the day I was booked for induction and I ended up giving birth naturally at 42+2 with no induction at all - and Toby was absolutely fine. I was terrified he was going to be huge after being so late but he was only (!) 8lb 4oz which is only just above average.

    Knowing everything I know now I wouldn't actually want to be induced until at least 42 weeks next time - I would want to give the baby a chance to do things on his own as sometimes I guess they just need a bit longer (unless there was something else going on and they recommended induction). I like to think he wanted to stay in longer because he liked it in there so much image

    Good luck with everything!!! You will be fine.

    C image
  • I had a similar problem when I had my 1st ds. I worked out his due date as around the 17th march (didn't have a lmp as mc then got pg straight away), the scan gave of a edd of 27th mar. Ds arrived 28th, so only 1 day over by edd, but my placenta, once delivered, was gritty and starting to break down and ds was peeling, all indicators of being over due.
    The hospital didn't want to budge on my dates despite me saying that I never bd at around the time they said I conceived. I know sperm can live for up to 48hrs but not nearly 2 weeks surely?
    Good luck with it all.
  • I worked out my dates to be due 4th Feb, my 12 week scan said 3rd Feb so my working were obviously fairly accurate. When I was 20ish weeks we moved and I went to a different hospital who gave me a scan at 28 weeks to monitor an earlier problem and from that scan they dated me at 26th Jan which was mathematically impossible. I questioned this and they said they would rather use their own dates rather than another hospital's and weren't concerned with it being such a small difference (8 days) and planned to induce me at 11 days over which would place me realistically 3 days over. As it happened I went into labour the night before I was due to be induced and DS was actually born 3 (or 11 days) overdue.

    I understand your concern with your history but if your hospitals policy is to induce at say 12 days overdue then you would still be 7 days overdue by your dates so baby will still definately be fully cooked!

    I would show the bit you found to your midwife and ask if they will go by your LMP dates instead. You can always discuss with them you not wanting to be induced too if they insist on going with their own dates.
  • My LMP date was 15th Jan. Scan date was 10th. So due date was always referred to as 10th, and they use that wheel to work it out as well. But lo came on my date of 15th, being classed as 5 days overdue. xx
  • it's the induction thing that worries me - I am at the midwife this morning so I will have a good chat with her about it all!
  • u can always refuse induction, especially if u thikn it doesn't coincide properly with ur dates, they'll still have u down as ovfficially over due tho so will need monitoring daily but means u could hang it out for the extra 4/5 days if needed x
  • A bit premature I know but when we decide to have a second I have been thinking about refusing an induction as long as it is safe to if it gets to that point. I was booked to be induced this time but baby made his own move a few hours before I was due to be induced and I have such positive memories about going into labour and had a relatively good birth, I don't like the idea of being induced and risking having a negative experience next time.

    I would be very interested to know what they say if you refuse induction.
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