When teeth are coming through does baby cry at meal times?

Apart from the last few days at meal times Luke had started crying when eating, usually wolfes his food down, he has got his 2 bottom teeth coming through but apart from that he is his usual self.

When teeth come through does this happen?


  • Hi well my lo is almost 1 image but when she has been teething she refuses to eat sometimes all together, even cold stuff, it must be awful for them x hope your lo gets teeth soon!
  • Hi, my lo is 14 months and yes they do cry at mealtimes when teeth coming through. My lo started sqealing in the middle of brekkie this morn and rubbing his cheek and refused to eat it as he usually does. Felt inside his mouth and low and behold, toothy peg 9 has arrived. That explains his being off milk and crying in the night for the last week! Think he's cutting loads at once!! Hope those teeth pop out soon! x
  • Yes definitely, my lo gets really annoyed with me trying to feed him, so i find at these times finger food a lot better especially cold fruit like blueberries or strawberries and then he can eat as much or as little of whatever he wants until he's happy being fed again x
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