Vitamin D

I saw the hv today and she said that the peadiatrician had told them that they had to advise us to give our lo's vitamin D as there had been a couple of cases of kids collapsing and it turned out they had rickets! Has anyone else been told this? Do you already give your lo's vitamins?. :\?


  • It's my understanding that all babies need a supplement of Vitamin D. BF ones should be started at 6 months and FF babies should start at 12 months. This should continue until they are 5 years.

    I started my baby on vitamin D drops when he was 6 months and will continue until I think he has a good enough diet not to bother any more. HTH xx
  • I read about this the other day and will ask HV tomo when I see her. Neither of the HVs have ever mentioned it to me before though and when I've asked them about giving vitamin drops (general not necessarily just Vit D) one said it wasn't needed and the other said I could if I wanted but it wasn't necessary!

    NN x
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