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I'm new on here but looking for a little advice and reassurance . My son is nearly 17 months and isn't walking on his own yet. When he does walk holding your hand or his walker he appears to be walking more on the inside of his feet (slightly in turned). Has anyone else had this? Am I right to worry?
Thanks, any advice greatly appreciated.


  • i would get him checked out just to be sure i know there r a few habbits that children can pick up when starting to walk like on tiptoe some are fine and they grow out of it other ones is a sign that there is a problem so just to be sure i'd get him checked at docs but im sure hes fine x x
  • hey,

    not to worry you, but I think your right to be worried and to get him checked over by a doctor.

    I know a toddler who has special shoes because he was born with 'club foot' and of 4 years olds who've needed special shoes because their foot problems had gone un-noticed.
  • I don't want to worry you either. But I used to walk like that when I was little, and it turned out that I had flat feet.

    Take him to be checked out, but it could be nothing, and just a hobit he has got into.
  • Thanks, I've spoken to the health visitor who is going to come out and assess him, Thanks for your advice.
  • I agree... best to check it out. If there is a problem then usually it doesnt take drastic measures to help or correct it. Try not to worry.
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