I go away for a few days and...

come back to find that nearly everyone has changed their usernames!!!! I am so confused (it doesn't take much really tho!) I am trying to catch up with everything but it is so hard lol,

Hope all mummies and babies are ok!



  • i haven't lol because i'd forget it if i did :lol: i've given up trying to find out who everyone is now and just reply to anything i feel i can advise/comment on lol! x
  • I haven't!! Bedhead is quite a popular username so if I stopped using it someone else might have it and then I'd be really bloody confused :lol: :lol:
  • I'm confused too! A lot of new names but because I don't get on here as much as I used to I just thought they were new members to baby forum (Doh!) lol
  • I think I have managed to work out who is who now from reading posts from days and days ago!
  • Ive only just started coming on again now that i have spare me time image
    I was *Hannah,Tegan&Bump* but im now... (ive 4got what it is now lol)
    I changed my picture aswell just to confuse people even more xxx
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