Next teat size?

Evening all,

Sara is 5 wks tomorrow and I was reading the avent blurb on our bottles and it suggests moving up to the next teat size around 4 wks, was just wondering what everyone elses experiences were? How old were your LO's when you moved up?

I know each LO is different and I'll prob just have to experiment.

Interestingly though I was speaking to my SIL today and she said that if you don't move to the next size teat it can make your LO more this a known fact?

Will look forward to hearing what you all did/think

Liz xxx


  • Hey honey
    It's a bit hit and miss really. I upped Oliver's around 5.5 weeks. It's only a guide on the back of the teets anyway, a bit like the amount of milk they are supposed to get!

    I haven't heard about making lo colicy but I presume thats because LO will be sucking harder to get more milk hence more wind??
    I would say give it a try but have a size 1 sterilised to hand. You'll soon know if it's too soon as you'll be drowing your lo as they won't be able to keep up. It definatel made a difference as we had upped Oliver's feeds from 4oz to 5oz and it was taknig ages.
    You may find they get a little windy for the first few times. As the milk flows faster it hits their little tummy's quicker so may get more wind but nothing a good back rub won't help!
    Good luck! I'm just about thinking to up Oliver's teets to a size 3 as feeds are taking a while and he's only 9 weeks!
  • Id say give it a go and like Emma says, youll soon know it it wasnt the right move! I used TT teats at first but went straight onto medium flow as suggested by the midwife. Apparently slow flow teats arent worth it as they are so slow even for newborns and they have to work so hard for the milk it tired them out and i actually found my LO drank better from a medium flow. I used them for ages and only moved onto faster flow when LO was about 6 months i think. (I know its slight diff cos TT only have 3 teat sizes and Avent have 4).
  • my son is 17 weeks tommorrow and although he is breast fed he as expressed milk in a bottle once a day and i have to use size 1 avent teats as he chokes if i use anything fasster.
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